Setup Email Templates

PayorCRM provides absolute flexibility to customize your emails using the email template editor.

Click on Create/Edit Template to open the email editor.

Add dynamic fields as required

Email template editor allows you to add dynamic templates that are replaced with auto-generated content before the email is sent.

PayorCRM supports the following dynamic fields

  • First name - The first name as defined in your customer list

  • Last name - The last name as defined in your customer list

  • Invoice list - List of unpaid invoices that are defined in the email rules section

  • Customer Company Name - Company name as defined in the Customer list

  • Total amount - Total due amount

  • Payment buttons - Payment buttons that will help your customer pay you from right within the email .See details here -

  • Login Register button - This dynamic variable will be replaced with a login register button which your customer can use to sign up / sign in to your customer portal

You can add the dynamic fields at any given location in the mail template body.

Step 1 - Click on the text block where you would like to add a dynamic variable

Step 2 - Click on "Merge tags" button to see the list of merge tags available