Rule creator UI

The rule creator UI allows advanced rules to be created based on business need .The below guide will help users create advanced rules

The below screenshot shows the UI of the rule creator view

AND / OR operator (1) - The 'AND' , 'OR" operator defines whether you want the rules to be AND'ed or OR'ed

Add Rule / Add Group (2)

Add rule - Adds a single rule ( for eg: Invoice overdue by 10 days)

Add group - Allows you to add a rule group containing multiple rules within

A Single Rule (3) - A single mathematical rule ( for e.g. Amount > 100 )

Item 3 shows an example of a rule added in the rule creator ( invoice amount greater than 1000)

A Rule group (4)

Item 4 shows an example of rule group ( invoice due in 5 days OR Invoice overdue by 10 days )

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