Inviting customers manually

Inviting Selected customers

Step 1 : Select the customers you would like to invite and click on "Invite selected customers" button

Step 2 : Selecting the credentials pattern

  1. Generate Username From : Specify what the login id for the customer should be

  2. Generate Password From : Select how the password should be formed from the list of possible patterns.

For Eg : Selecting "Random" for Generate Password will generate a random 6 digit alphanumeric value as password.

Step 3 : Select to which email id the invite should be sent . You can either chose to send the invite to the Customers email id or to Another email id of your choice . If you click on Another email id, you will be able to specify the email id to which the invite should be sent.

Tip : You may use the "Another Email ID" option to provide your own email id so that you can receive the credentials in your Email Id to test out the service by logging in as a customer.

Step 4: Once you click on Send Invitation . You will get a confirmation that the invitations have been sent.All your customers will get an invite with the credentials and the link to login to the portal.

Please note : Customers who doesn't have selected the credential information ( for eg : Customer phone no ) available in our database will not receive their login credential.To fix the same you may provide the information through your Accounting Software linked to PayorCRM.The same will be synced to your PayorCRM account after which you may create the login.

To check if a customer already has at-least one login ID , Check the column " Has Login" in the customers view.If this value is set to true , it means that the customer has already been invited.A customer who has already been invited cannot be invited again.

Inviting all customers

To invite all customers , Click on "Invite all customers" button and follow the same procedure as above.

Please note that sending invites to more than a 1000 customers may take upto 2 hours. The "Has login " column may take time to update in that case even if the application may confirm that invites may have been sent . Please refrain from inviting using "Invite All Button" again until after a few hours.

Customer Invite Email

All your customers once invited will get a mail that looks like below.They will then be able to login to the App and view invoices raised by you and Pay.

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