Starting up

Last updated 5 months ago

Visiting the app login page

The app is available for use from all over the world at our domain!/login ‚Äč

Clicking on the above link will open up the login page as shown below

If you are a first time user , you can register on to the app through the following ways

  1. QuickBooks user : If you already have a QuickBooks account

    1. Click on "Login with QuickBooks" .This will take you to the QuickBooks login page for authentication.

    2. Enter your QuickBooks credentials and click submit

    3. In the next screen you may be asked to provide authorisation to share data with PayorCRM

    4. Click on "Authorise"

    5. You will automatically be taken to the PayorCRM dashboard screen

  2. PayorCRM Registration screen :

    1. Click on Register

    2. Enter a username , Email address ,Company Name and Password

    3. After pressing on "Register" , Click on the "Login tab"

    4. Enter yor login Credentials

    5. You will be automatically taken to the PayorCRM dashboard screen